Lumber Products in Stock

Our Lumberyard
  • We stock a very large inventory of lumber and panels at our distribution center
  • We specialize in lumber, plywood, oriented strand board, and engineered lumber for your needs in construction

My firm, Dominick Tringali Architects, has worked together with Bolyard Lumber on a variety of projects throughout the past ten years. The client showroom gets better and better each year, displaying top-of-the-line products ranging from interior and exterior doors and interior trim, to windows and kitchen cabinets as well. Bolyard Lumber carries all of the best brands and products that my clients prefer in their homes. More importantly, Bolyard Lumber has the service team and the manpower to stand behind their products and provide superior customer service taking care of our clients every need.

Dominick Tringali, President - Dominick Tringali Architects