AZEK Exterior Trim Boards

  • AZEK trim boards
    • Cellular PVC composite trim boards. Resist warping, splitting and rotting. AZEK carries a 25 year warranty and is the #1 brand in the market place. AZEK can be curved routed and shaped. There is no product that matches the workability of AZEK in the market place today.
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  • Rough sawn spruce and cedar
  • Primed and raw pine


Bolyard Lumber has:

  • AZEK Trim boards in stock*:
    • 1x4x12' AZEK trim board
    • 1x4x18' AZEK trim board
    • 1x6x12' AZEK trim board
    • 1x6x18' AZEK trim board
    • 1x8x12' AZEK trim board
    • 1x8x18' AZEK trim board
    • 1x10x18' AZEK trim board
    • 1x12x12' AZEK trim board
    • 1x12x18' AZEK trim board
    • 5/4x4x12' AZEK trim board
    • 5/4x6x12' AZEK trim board
    • 5/4x8x12' AZEK trim board
    • 5/4x12x12' AZEK trim board
  • 4x8x3/4" AZEK SHEET panel in stock
  • AZEK Trim mouldings in stock*:
    • AZEK Brick Mould
    • 4" AZEK Crown
    • 5" AZEK Crown
    • AZEK Drip Cap
    • AZEK Sub Sill Nose
    • AZEK Historic Sill
    • AZEK Rake Mould
    • AZEK Base Cap
    • AZEK Rams Crown
    • AZEK Cove

* All products in stock at Birmingham location. Most products are in stock at Rochester Hills location, please call first to make sure the product you are looking for is in stock.

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